Welcome to Gardening is Social

Why Gardening is Social?

Because if we are what we eat, we should be informed and educated in such a way that we care about ourselves

  • We care about people

  • We care about the environment

  • We believe and promote fair share

These are values that farmers and humans in general have had and cherished for thousands of years. That's why most of us adhere and relate to them.

We plan to set up a social environment on the internet that informs, connects and interacts with all those like minded people who want to lear more about food, nutrition, plant based foods and anything related to growing and producing our food in a healthy and regenerative.

An educational regenerative project that links nature and technology

We are what we eat. Do we know what we are eating? Let's move towards local produce and healthy food, together!

We are creating an online platform where we can share knowledge, organise and advertise meetings and workshops.

Become part of a movement, be part of Gardening is social.

Try our online platform here (still beta)

A free open-source tool to help communities improve health and knowledge about what we eat

Gardening is social permaculture project