Small Terrace or indoor garden

The Free basic starter plan.

Anyone can start a food garden at home. From herbs to peppers, strawberries, plants that do not need much space easy to grow and can add flavour to your food.

This is the starting point for many people. It can also be a good way to teach children to love plants. It's a healthy way to incorporate nature into your homes.

This is the simplest option for starting your Gardening is Social Project. You can access the free option of our platform, where you will have access to a lot of information to get you started easily. You will be able to exchange views and information with other users, learn about recipes, nutrition, and a lot more. You can upload photos of your garden and share them with others, or you can share the webcam option.

The small, easy healthy option to grow your own food.

Gardening is Social Free Basic Starter Option
How to start your small kitchen garden
Grow your own food at home in an educational way